Produced by BIONAUT / HBO
Feature documentary film
real / 2D animation / 3D animation / paintings

Kredenc is proud to work with Irish director Kris Kelly. King of Sumava is a documentary feature film about the Czech 50's legend currently living in USA,  who helped people escape from the hardship of Czech communism across the borders to Western Germany. The movie describes the present day and the past, which is re-created in a form of animated sequences; depicting memories and actions of what happened. Kredenc is currently preparing visual tests, based on the art style developed in Kris' studio Blacknorth. Subsequently, we will be creating most of the animation spanning around 25 minutes.

Directed by: Kris Kelly
Produced by: Vratislav Šlajer
Animation supervisor: Martin Duda
Animation executive producer: Bára Příkaská
VFX supervisor by: Milan Kolář