Hungry bear tales

Animated TV series for kids 4-6 years
26x7 min / 2D / in development

One of them is big while the other one is tiny. Both are bears and both of them are constantly hungry. It is not only their love of good food that makes them best friends though. Their shared main objective is stuffing their tummies full and, therefore, most of their everyday adventures revolve around ways to find something really good to eat. Their hobbies are used as a source of inspiration for strategies. Nedved likes reading the dailies, specialist publications, watching TV and browsing the Internet. Mishka loves stories and tales about bears. However, even the best plans might fail. This turns the bears’ lives upside down. Despite all their failures, their stories come to a happy ending.

script and direction: Alexandra Hetmerová, Kateřina Karhánková
Inspired by the books by Černík Malá medvědí knížka and Taková medvědí rodinka
producer: Bára Příkaská
executive producer: Vratislav Šlajer
visual art: Filip Pošivač
head of animation: Jakub Sršeň
technical director: Milan Kolář